The top-of-the-line planar heater

High temperature use, rapid temperature rises. The ET-600 by Kawai Corporation handles situations that you thought a planar heater never could.

The ET-600 is a planar heater developed by Kawai Corporation for use at high temperatures. The insulator uses specially-developed mica ceramic paper, which can withstand high heat ranges up to 930ºF (500ºC).

This model offers a maximum watt density of 109 W/in2 (17 W/cm2)—astonishing for a planar heater. The heater is suitable for places where it must be exposed to sharp rises in temperature. It can also be modified for complex shapes, such as holes, notches, or curls.

We'll hold a thorough consultation with you regarding the method of use and detailed specifications, so that you can use this heater safely and comfortably and get the longest lifespan from the heater as possible.

Kawai Corporation is pleased to offer our experience and knowledge to help you with your development.

Minimum lot charge : US$100.00~



Thermal gradient is required

  • Coarse-to-fine type

Protects the lead wire from heat and impact

  • With ceramic bead specifications
  • Lead wire right-angle pull-out


  • Thermocouple built-in type


Thickness thinner than .06" / 1.5 mm
Dimensions (mm) 10 x 20 to 500 x 500
(inch) 2/5 x 4/5 to 19.5 x 19.5
Operating Temp.* -150 to 930ºF / -100 to 500ºC
Max. Watt Density* 109 W/in2 / 17 W/cm2
Max. Voltage (V) 500
Max. Resistance Density -
Wattage Tolerance +/-10%
Outer Dimension Tolerance -
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/DC V)** More than 1000/500
High Pot Test (V/min.) / (V/sec.) 1500 / 1800 (5 mA)

* Depending on heater specifications.
** Under no-heat conditions. This might be lowered to around 100 MΩ, depending on operating conditions.

Correlation between Watt Density and Temperature Rising Speed

ET-600 graph