Pipe Heaters

Specialized design for pipes, valves, and pumps

Our pipe heater offers superior heat uniformity and thermal responsiveness, and is easy to attach and remove. Try it out today!

Kawai's pipe heater is specially designed for the heating of pipes, valves, and pumps. The heater exterior is wrapped with insulating material, which keeps heat dispersion down to a minimum, reducing energy usage and preventing burns when working.

The heater can be attached and removed easily with snap buttons or Velcro straps, and a connector can be used to connect multiple heaters. It boasts a superior level of heat uniformity with a ±5 ºF (±5ºC) variation at 140ºF (60ºC). Use this heater to warm gases, control the fluidity of liquids, and for other purposes.

Minimum lot charge : US$100.00~

Pipe Heaters


Thermal gradient is required

  • Coarse-to-fine type


  • Thermocouple built-in type
  • With thermostat
  • With double-sided tape
  • With temperature fuse
  • With resistance temperature detector (RTD)


Length 1 to 23.5" / 25 to 600 mm
Min. Diameter (φ) 1/5" / 5mm
Operating Temp.* Up to 390ºF / 200ºC
Max. Watt Density* 13 W/in2 / 2.0 W/cm2
Max. Voltage (V) 240
Max. Resistance Density -
Wattage Tolerance +/-10%
Outer Dimension Tolerance -
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/DC V)** More than 1000/500
High Pot Test (V/min.) / (V/sec.) 1500 / 1800 (5 mA)

* Depending on heater specifications.
** Under no-heat conditions. This might be lowered to around 100 MΩ, depending on operating conditions.